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Conference: Small Business development in low-income areas (in South Africa)


The development of small enterprises is seen, particularly in developing countries, as a key strategy for economic growth, employment creation, and poverty reduction.

In Africa, because of their economic supremacy, Small Businesses (SB) have a crucial role to play in stimulating growth,generating employment and contributing to poverty alleviation. SB’s represent over 90% of private business in the continent and contribute to more than 50% of the employment and 50% of gross domestic product (GDP) in most African countries.

Since their independences, most African countries have been promoting small businesses as an engine for economic growth. More recently, due to the growth of unemployment, there has been a renewed focus on the promotion of small businesses not simply as an engine for growth but more importantly as the key to job creation and poverty reduction.

The African Business Club is delighted to welcome Pr. Marietjie to address the following topic: “ Small Business development in a low income area”.